Power supplies


Help material  on   pulse  single-cycle  and  duple  converters  of a voltage,  pulse  power  supplies  of various capacity and  linear  voltage  stabilizers. 

The pulse power supply capacity  up to 20 W. - the power supply is executed under the circuit of the single-cycle pulse high-frequency converter and has smaller dimensions, than  similar, working  with the lowering transformer, on frequency of 50 Hz.

   The pulse power supply capacity up to 40 W - represents the single-cycle pulse converter of a voltage working on frequency, approximately, 50 kHz.

The pulse converter of a voltage  c  12 V  on  220 V  -  working frequency of transformation about 20 kHz allows to connect loading capacity up to 100 W.

The  pulse power  supply  capacity up to 60 W. - a range of entrance voltage  180-230 V, working frequency of the converter about 20 kHz.

The simple laboratory power supply - two-level transformation of the straightened voltage is applied: SHIM transformation to an intermediate voltage and the subsequent linear stabilization.

The converter of constant voltage КР1446ПН1Е - microcircuit КР1446ПН1Е represents a pulse raising regulator of a voltage for a feed of low-voltage loadings.

The power unit for portable tele-radio equipment - the power supply is executed under the circuit of the duple pulse high-frequency converter, target capacity 20 Вт,  efficiency at rated  power not less than 85 %, frequency of  transformation 68 кГц



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