The given converter of a voltage allows to connect loading capacity up to 60 W. Idling the current consumed by the converter, does not exceed 0,1 A.    the Range of entrance voltage  180-230 V. The worker  frequency of the converter about 20 kHz.

   The coil of filter L1 is  reeled up in two wires  on ring К16х8х5мм 2000НМ1 and contains 20 coils of wire МГТФ of 0,33 mm. Transformer T1 is executed on the same ring, the primary winding contains 180 coils of wire ПЭЛШО 0,14мм, windings 2 and 3 contain on 35 coils of wire ПЭВ-2 0,25мм, winding is made in two wires.  Transformer T2 is executed on ring К32х16х7мм. The winding 1 contains 250 coils of wire ПЭВ-2 0,25мм, and windings 2 and 3 on 45 coils of wire ПЭВ-2  of 0,85 mm in two wires. Between all layers of windings of transformers it is necessary to lay isolation from fluorine - layer  tapes.  Transformers   bonding to a payment not magnetic bolts.

  The device is necessary for placing in the screen made  of a brass by thickness 1мм, and   to connect it to an average point конденсаторовС2 and С3. The screen to the general case of the device to not connect, and the case of the device is necessary for earthing.

Схема мощного импульсного двух полярного источника питания на 60Вт


Fig. 1. The pulse power supply. The circuit


The printed-circuit-board is executed from bilaterial glass - textolite , and it is necessary to note, that the foil on the part of details is kept and incorporates to the screen of the power supply. Apertures under details раззенковываются a drill in diameter approximately in 2 times big than a aperture.

  At target capacity up to 5 W. For each output radiators for VT1 and VT2 are not required. For DA1 and DA2 radiators are necessary in any case. At the big target capacity as it is necessary to establish on radiators bridges D2 and D3.

  The cascade of target transistors is protected from through opening by logic of work of digital microcircuits which provide on primary winding Т1 pulses of management in an ant-phase with an interval between them equal on duration to the pulse. Target transistors incorporate to a payment wires of the minimal length at the maximal diameter of section.

  Besides it is necessary to note, that in loading capacities not less than 220 мкф are necessary, and at the big force of a current on an output and that it is more.

  Correctly collected circuit does not require adjustment. At possible malfunctions it is necessary feed logic from the separate power supply a voltage of 8-10 volt, and mains voltage to submit through the laboratory autotransformer since zero volt. Thus it is necessary to observe the form of a signal on the ends of a primary winding of transformer T2. This signal should be close under the form to a  signal on a primary winding of transformer T1. Significant  distortions are supposed not due to influence of a primary winding of transformer T2. If there are essential differences it is necessary to check up serviceability  of  the corresponding transistor.

   For increase of  reliability of work of  a source and decrease in high-frequency components of the straightened voltage, on inputs of stabilizers DA1, DA2  it is necessary to  establish LC - filters, as a last resort (at small currents) application of RC-chains is possible.


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