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There comes the client in computer shop and orders rather decent system block (about $1500).
They to him suggest to establish Windows.
He asks a question: and what for to me Windows?
To him start to explain tactfully, that iron will not work in itself, in a computer the operational system … should be necessarily established
After these words the client speaks: I shall not buy a computer from people which count Windows operational system.
Also has left.


         In old kind soviet  times there was a chesspiece if parents leaved for a long time in foreign business trip  — children were taken with itself. And so one rather young person was going to fly to Bulgaria with parents, therefore (I do not know, for what reasons) her have forced to pass full medical inspection. One of cabinets which was necessary for visiting, the remarkable cabinet of the gynecologist was nothing. And after deaf knock at a door with a phrase « It is possible? », the girl with the red person from confusion comes to the gynecologist, thus it is necessary to note, that the girl on reception at the doctor of such structure the FIRST TIME IN the LIFE. Having seen crimson complexion of young lady, the doctor (it is clear, that the muzhik) having seen, that it is better to not injure mentality of young lady, has asked for her her direction and was directed for screen  in a cabinet, and already there from has asked young lady to settle down in an armchair corresponding for her. After five minutes the question « you has followed are ready? » "YES" young lady and then the doctor has left has answered from - for screen  also has seen a picture oil! Young lady has settled in the gynecologist   an armchair basically correctly, a trunk in an armchair, a head on a headrest, legs on holders, all is good! Only all this on a stomach! The doctor, having seen this flight of a body in an armchair, was dumbfounded, then with a smile has given out a question « Where we fly? » The answer has knocked down him) for all day. The girl, having turned back with the same crimson complexion, has quite seriously given out: « To Bulgaria ».

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