Radio-electronic jokes, aphorisms, prikols

  • If what - be trouble with your equipment can happen,
    it happens.
    1. All not so is easy, as it seems.
    2. Any work demands more time, than you think.
    3. From all troubles there will be that, the damage from which is more.
    4. If four reasons of possible troubles are beforehand eliminated,
    always there will be the fifth.
    5. Given to themselves, events tend to develop from bad
    to the worse.
    6. As soon as you begin to do any work, there is another, which
    it is necessary to make earlier.
    7. Any decision engender new problems.
  • When affairs go well, something bad should happen in the near future.
    1. When affairs go worse than ever, in the near future they will go even worse.
    2. If it seems to you, that the situation improves, means, you have not noticed something.


  • If experiment has gone right, something here not so.
  • In any set of the initial data the most reliable size which is not demanding check, is erroneous.


  •  If experiment fails, any attempt of it to rescue only
    will worsen business.



  • 1. It is inexact the planned program demands three times more time, than it was supposed; carefully planned - only in two.
    2. The group working above the program loathes the weekly reporting about the achieved results as she too obviously testifies to absence of those.


  • Create system which the fool can use, and only the fool will want it to use.


  • The law of force Энтони.
    Do not spend the forces, take a hammer more.


  • Law Лоуэри.
    Stick a detail press on it. If break anything: all the same it was necessary to change.


  • Second law Вышковского.
    All can be adjusted if to play with for a long time enough


  • Postulate  Хорнера.
    Experience grows to in direct ratio put out of action equipment.


  • Consequence Клипштейна.
    Will drop the most fragile detail.


  • The law of shop Entoni.
    Any tool if it will drop, is rolled up in the most inaccessible corner of a premise.
    Being rolled up in a corner, it all over again will strike you on a leg.


  • Principle of spare parts
    During search of the small spare parts fallen from a workplace, the probability of their detection is directly proportional to the size of a detail and inversely proportional to its value for end of work.


  • The old electrical engineer speaks young
    - lift that wire
    - Has lifted
    - Clearly, the phase on the other wire means
  • The young electrician wipes contacts by spirit
    Suddenly runs up old
    That!! That you do!
    - Contacts I clean.
    - Yes who so cleans! Give here.
    Takes a sip gramme 100 spirits, breathes on contact, wipes and speaks:
    - So it is necessary, thiiiin  a layer.
  • The user approaches to the seller in computer shop:
    - I here yesterday have bought a computer from you
    - Well and in what business?
    - It has burned down
    - All right, it on a guarantee. And what has burned down?
    - Yes all
    - How all?! So it does not happen! The monitor that is whole?
    - Has burned down
    - And the keyboard and the mouse?
    Yes all has burned down
    - Yes that you with it did?
    - The fire at me yesterday was.

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